WhatsApp take on SnapChat with latest Status update

WhatsApps today have announced a change to its status feature which has been with the product since launch in 2009. In fact, until today, the status feature is what the WhatsApp founders believed the application would be used as – before messaging was added at a later date.

Before messaging became such a big business, the idea behind WhatsApp was to simply show the latest status of your friends so that you could quickly tell what they were up to. Luckily this was quickly adapted to include the messaging, and later Audio and Video features which many have come to rely on.

The changes to the Status feature announced today though are a big departure from these humble origins. Now you’ll be able upload a photo, with modified text and imagery as your status – but the image will only show for 24 hours. Which may sound familiar, because it’s the core functionality of one of WhatsApp’s biggest competitors – SnapChat.

Whether this update will slow down the growth of the new upstart is to be seen, but with Facebook now having updated both of its ail messaging apps (outside of Facebook itself) Instagram and WhatsApp , I think it’s safe to assume that Facebook themselves see Snapchat as viable competition.

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