Hashflare out of SHA-256 contracts

Beleagred Hashflare, who only recently doubled the price of their SHA-256 contracts and also removed their persistence (changing them to 1 year contracts instead), has just announced that the contract as a whole is now unavailable.

In a post out to users, Hashflare are citing lack of hardware on the market, coupled with prices of that hardware for the lack of available contracts. However far and above even this they claim that constantly increasing demand has resulted in SHA-256 contracts going out of stock.

With booming interest towards cryptocurrency mining our datacenters were teared [sic] apart by mining enthusiasts.
SHA-256 reinvest will also be disabled untill new hardware is installed.

It looks as though the demand for Hashflare outstripped their ability to supply - both pushing up their prices and exhausting their supply chain. With the diminished trust in the company after the raising of prices less than two weeks ago, it will be interesting to see how they bounce back from yet more bad news for miners.

Source: http://mailchi.mp/hashflare/mining-profitability-continues-to-grow-1182313